About Us

Hey, this is Lisa! I enjoy shopping and buying new stuff for home. One of my favorite places is the Walgreens, and they are now up with their $3000 Sweepstake Customer Survey where anyone can participate for free! Here I will provide all the updates regarding the Survey and everything that you should know about it.

About Us

The survey is based on the questionnaire that will be based on the questions on your visit to the store. The survey will be conducted in order to know the works and reviews of the company firm and how the company has been working with the customers and know their reviews on how the managerial and top level and workers been working.

Where is the nearest Walgreens

The survey gets taken in order to know these few things and they are as below labeled.

  • The survey is conducted because of the company is trying to connect with the customers.
  • One of the main reasons is the company trying to get a rating for their services provided for the customers.
  • Customers providing with the knowledge of how the customers have been treated by the managers and the employees of the Walgreens.
  • In addition, the survey is also about the ratings of the products served to the customers of Walgreens and how much would they rate it.

Note: The survey has been rewarded with a few benefits of its own such as getting gifted with a gift card of sweepstakes $3000 coupons, vouchers or any discount offers after you are done taking the survey.

In conclusion, the survey gets taken by or gets conducted by the company in order to the state of the sales and all the other field experiments that have been conducted the Walgreens and get a rating on it according to the customer satisfaction and their experiences in the service of the company.