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This guide is about WalgreensListens Survey which is available on the official website of www.walgreenslistens.com. While heading back home from the Walgreens store, I noticed something new in the receipt. There were a Survey number and a Password in the receipt.

I called the store and asked about these new details of the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey (Walgreenslistens) which is an online survey taking place exclusively for the customers.

With the help of the WalgreensListens survey team, you could carry out the survey in a perfect manner. Once you are done with the survey, you will be asked to accept the rules of the game and that’s it!

You will be registered for the SweepStakes game, where one lucky person gets a chance to win a $3000 cash prize!

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PurposeProvide Survey
Reward$3000 Cash
Company NameWalgreens
LanuageEnglish, Spanish
RegionUnited States of America

Walgreenslistens for Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Heya, everyone! Excited for the Walgreens Listens Survey?

Walgreenslistens for Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Walgreens, founded in the year 1901, is the second largest pharmacy store in the United States of America, which falls behind CVS Health. As per the records of August 2016 this store is currently being operated in an approx. 8170 stores in 50 states.

They are now up with an online www.walgreenslistens.com survey game which can also be called as the SweepStakes. You just have to review and give some honest answers to the questions asked to you. Once the survey is done, you will be directly qualified for the game where one lucky winner will receive a remarkable www.wagcares.com survey $3000 cash!

This game is carried out every month, and Walgreens actually gets a billion entries for the survey. Even if you don’t win the game, don’t lose your hope! Try it again next month, and who knows you might get lucky for real!

There are a certain set of rules which you should follow to get into the Walgreens Listens Survey. So for a successful registration, you need to make sure that the process is rightly carried out keeping the rules in check.

WalgreensListens Sweepstakes Rules & Requirements

Following are the rules and points that you should know well before you get started with the WalgreensListens Sweepstakes:

  • This game is only for the legal residents of the U.S, excluding the residents of Puerto Rico.
  • Age should be 18 years or above at the time of entry itself.
  • The game is active for one whole month, so if you are considering for July – it will begin at 12:00 am of 1st July 2018 and finish at 11:59:59 of 31st July 2018.
  • You can’t participate in the game for any online purchase made.
  • No amount or deposit is required for taking part in this wagcares sweepstakes game.
  • You could take part in the game in an offline way, without making any prior purchase.
  • If you or any of your family member is part of the Walgreens company, then you won’t be eligible to take part in this game.
  • The receipt that you are using for the participation is only valid for 72 hours duration. Mind it, after that it will stand invalid.

These are the basic rules of the game, and it will be best if you ask out for more info from the authorities itself. The point is, rules are not the same for everyone. Maybe one locality follows some additional rules other than the standard ones. Ask it out, and be aware!

How to enter the www.WalgreensListens.com Satisfaction Survey?

There are three ways in which you could book entry for the Walgreens Survey, and they are:

Online, Telephonic, and the Mail method.

Enter Survey at Walgreenslistens.com

Online Method:

  • First, you will have to make a purchase, and keep the receipt with you. This receipt is mandatory, as you get the survey code from it.
  • Visit the www.walgreenslistens.com.
  • There you will be asked to enter the Survey Code and the Password for the same.
  • Once you are logged into the website, you need to review and submit the answers within 72 hours. That’s the validity time of the receipt.
  • You will be presented with different questions, answer them honestly.
  • Once you are done with the surveying, you will have to accept the rules of the games and proceed.
  • You are through to the Sweepstakes game, and now an approved participant of the WalgreensListen Survey.

You may be charged some telephonic charges or the net connection charge by your internet service provider.

Telephonic way:

  • No need to visit the Walgreen store, and make a purchase when you could participate in the survey with just a phone call.
  • Dial in the number 1-800-219-7451.
  • After the call gets connected, you will listen to some automated replies on the other hand.
  • It will be then followed by the survey questions, and other feedback – just give in your answers as per the questions being asked to you.
  • Once the telephonic survey ends, you are through to the WalgreensListen Survey successfully.

Where is the nearest Walgreens

By Mail: 

  • Take out a 3 x 5 inches piece of paper.
  • Write in your name, age, complete address, daytime/evening, and phone number on it.
  • Make sure that the letter is post-marked before 31st July 2018. If the date or the postmark is found incorrect or reproduced, then the entry will get rejected.

All the posts received will be in the ownership of the sponsor, and therefore it won’t be returned back to the customer.

These are the three possible ways of participating in the WalgreensListen Customer Satisfaction Survey.

What’s the Actual Prize?

One lucky winner will get the Grand Prize of $3000! It will be handed over to the winner in the form of the cheque. This prize money won’t be transferred, substituted, transferred by anyone except the Sponsor of the game.

Hope that you are clear on how to place an entry into the WalgreensListens Survey! Ask up your queries by commenting them in the space provided below.